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"Steve hears his own voice screaming, 'That’s my eye! That’s my eye!' as he chases his eyeball down a Seattle street."

Electric Spec

  "He's mad," Janet tells me, "because we're not together anymore," Then Janet turns her head toward him and shouts to make sure he can hear, "AND BECAUSE JACOB HANDLES REJECTION LIKE A CHILD!!!"


Steve answers, “Manifest means something is readily perceived by the senses.”


When it was all over, Tim married Steve’s ex-wife.


“Like these four burritos?”

And, there they are. Two in each fist.


“That’s too many,” Steve says.


“I can see how you might think that, and I respect it.”

Image by Christopher Carson
San Antono 
“I want that piglet!” A voice shouts. It is strange to Yancy and Tim. People do not care that the piglets are dangerous. People, it seems, have complicated relationships with danger. 
The Size of a Backyard
Flash Fiction Magazine 
"We want to be just like the Tiger, who stands in the middle of the square, so tigery, with big, wide yawns, and whiskers like the dry spaghetti noodles. What does it eat? It says it eats..."
antique Organ
Requiem in Walmart
Ghost Parachute
​​"We had that last party in the old abandoned church. It seemed like a good enough idea because no one else was using it, and we all figured the pack should have ourselves a shindig before it was gone. We partied in the rectory. We partied in the nave and filled up the room where they used to keep all the wine with more wine and drank like Bachus ‘til we had to lean on pews to keep from wobbling. We set up speakers on the altar and danced. The music was so loud...
Computer Programming
These are Juno's First Words

Bourbon Penn

"The sun’s falling, and I tell her it’s time for a bath.

She says, “0100111001101110.”

Her voice is weak and light and squeaky, and rings to me like the opening bell of the stock market.

I ask her to repeat herself.

“0100111001101110,” she answers."

Highway Bridge
The Light of Possibilities 

decomP: A Literary Magazine

"On the highways, Frank drives past housing development after housing development after housing development and all the houses look the same aside from different colored brick. He and Natalia are having dinner at her parents’ tonight. He wishes he were somewhere, anywhere, else.

Natalia asks him, have you seen my magic wand? It’s very nice."

Movie Theatre
Pterrorshark vs. Sharkadactl


"Most times I sit in my theater seat expecting just another movie as I’ve abandoned hope of an actual cinematic experience. But I was wrong, and I’m glad to say I was because Pterrorshark vs Sharkadactl is a tour de force. Man vs nature vs shark vs nuclear power vs the digital age, the film combines this country’s post 911 anxiety with what’s left of our communal Cold War nuclear paranoia."

Creepy Playground
That Day in The School Yard



Marcus lays flat on his back writhing in pain, whimpering. Janet levels her pistol at Dave.

“I have to do this,” says Janet. “Your snakes for arms are biting too many people.”

Church Pews
Under Father Henry's Shrub


Before the curse, Lamont was almost always happy. Sister Teresa would comment on it. She would say he hardly ever fussed, that he was the happiest boy in the orphanage, and that his face was brighter than a cloudless day in July. And it was true. Everyone could see it in the boy, many were jealous, and Father Henry said he hoped that life would never teach the boy lessons that could muddle his happiness.

Sathington v. Willoughby

Apocrypha and Abstractions

Part of me wishes Willoughby wasn’t so handsome and filled with azure, because I like this shade of blue. It’s hard to assault a man so striking. There’s a sense of wrongness in walloping such a handsome blue out of such a handsome man. Something about the feeling of it is off, but then again, there is the money I’ve been promised.

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