Curriculum Vitae


Saul B. Lemerond

517 Ball Drive

Hanover, IN 47243

Tel: (812)-866-7206




May 2018, PHD, English and Creative Writing, University of Louisiana—Lafayette,

EXAM AREAS: Creative Writing Pedagogy (Passed with Distinction). Modern American Studies, Modern British Studies, Speculative Fiction

DISSERTATION (Two Components): Creative Component: novel, Why the Cemetery Can’t Have Nice Things. Critical Component: article, “Discworld’s Golem: Transhumanism and Reactive Nationalism.” 


2013, MA in fiction, Central Michigan University


2011, BA in Creative Writing, summa cum laude, honors in the major, University of Wisconsin—Green Bay



2019, "Creative Writing Across Mediums and Modes: A Pedagogical Model." The Journal of Creative Writing Studies.




2013, Kayfabe and Other Stories. A short story collection. One Wet Shoe Press.

Short Stories

2019, “The Size of a Backyard,” Flash Fiction Magazine.

2019, “Requiem in Walmart.” Ghost Parachute.

2019, “These are Juno’s First Worlds.” Bourbon Penn.

2019, “Natchitoches Funeral.” Five:2:One Magazine. Text and audio.

2018, “The Light of Possibilities.” decomP magazinE.

2018, “Acadiana Orange Groves.” Moon City Review.   

2017, “The Island, Language, and # Taboo.” Word Riot.

2017, “Minneapolis Cherry Blossoms.” Ink & Coda.

2017, “Pterrorshark vs. Sharkadactl.” Intrinsick

2017, “That Day in the School Yard.” Intrinsick.

2017, “Under Father Henry’s Shrub.” The Airgonaut.

2017, “Over Ben Aknoun.” Gigantic Sequins.

2014, “Sathington v. Willoughby.” Apocrypha and Abstractions.

2012, “Fake Barry.” The Greatest Lakes Review.

2011, “Sid’s Motor Bar.” The Waterhouse Review.

2010, “Blood Music.” Deadman’s Tome, Best of Demonic.

2009, “Blood Music.” Demonic Tome.

2009, “Good Day.” The Dunesteef Audio Fiction Magazine. Podcast.

2009, “The Itch.” Sheepshead Review.

2009, “At Peace.” Sheepshead Review.

2009, “Tainted.” The Drabblecast. Podcast.

2008, “The Itch.” Necrotic Tissue.

2008, “The Hammer Falls.” Down in the Cellar.

2008, “Jim and Son.” Sheepshead Review.

2007, “Don’t Waste Your Time.” Sheepshead Review.


2015, “For John Hathorn’s The Grammar of Verbenas.” Oculus Vox.

2011, “Lucky Penny.” Low over Gratiot Road, Theodore Roethke Edition. Spec. issue of Temenos.

2010, “This Monkey Don’t Write Shakespeare.” The Mega-zine.

2007, “Pills.” Sheepshead Review.    

2007, “God’s Sense of Humor.” Sheepshead Review.


2015, “What Batman, Swearing, and Cigarettes Can Teach Us About Reading.” We Read


2014, “Adverbs and Adjectives in Writing.” Love of the Literary.

2012, “White Fields and Emerson.” Notes Magazine.

2008, “Friday.” Sheepshead Review.


2015, “The Dark Will End the Dark by Darrin Doyle.” Necessary Fiction.


2019 Leigh Rourks, Fiction Writers Review



2018-2021 Assistant Professor, Hanover College

Theatre 343: Screenwriting, Two sections

English 370 D.S. 20th Century American Satire

English 355: Advanced Creative Writing

English 353: Studies in Poetry, Two sections

English 352: Fiction & Poetry Workshop, Two Sections

English 252: Creative Writing in the Digital World

English 325: African American Literature

English 307: D.S. Fundamentals of Novel Writing

English 247: Survey V: American Literature to 1900, Two Sections

English 182: Satire & the American Personality, Four sections

English 173: Fiction and Its Genres


2014-2018, Graduate Assistant, University of Louisiana-Lafayette

English 320: Modern Fiction, All Possible Futures: Utopia, Dystopia, and Apocalypse

English 223: Introduction to Creative Writing

English 212: Comedy and Culture, Two sections

English Comp 102: Freshman Composition, Three sections

English Comp 101: Freshman Composition, Seven sections


2016-2018, Creative Writing Instructor, Achilles Art Studio, Lafayette


2015-2017, Assistant to the Director of Creative Writing, University of Louisiana-Lafayette


2013-2014, Instructor, Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College                                           

English 096 Reading Comprehension

English 130 Public Speaking

English 242 Creative Writing

2013-2014, English Tutor, Saginaw Chippewa Tribal College                                     

2011-2013, Graduate Assistant, Central Michigan University                                     

English Comp 101: Freshman Composition, Eight sections

2010, Teaching Assistant, University of Wisconsin–Green Bay                                                                                 

English 290: Literary Studies



2020,  “Teaching the Podcast: A New Exercise in Creative Writing Multimodality.”

Chair. Moderator. Presenter. Accepted for the AWP (Association for Writing Programs) Conference. San Antonio TX.

2019, “The Multimodal Classroom: Embracing Creative Writing in the 21st Century.” Chair.

Moderator. Presenter. Presented at the AWP (Association for Writing Programs)

Conference. Portland, OR.

2019, “No Fantasy or Sci-Fi: Teaching Genre as Workshop.” Chair. Moderator. Presenter.

Presented at the AWP (Association for Writing Programs) Conference. Portland, OR.

2017, “Twain and Clemens on Ward and Browne: Mark Twain’s ‘Jumping Frog’ Sketch as

Artemus Ward Parody.” Presented at The Deep South Global South Conference.

Lafayette, LA.

2016, “Steam Punk: The Development and Expansion of 18th Century Popular Science Fiction.”

Presented at The Louisiana Steam Punk Festival. Lafayette, LA.


2019, Presenter. “Critical Reading: Help Students Develop Reading Skills Necessary to Thrive in

College and Beyond,” Faculty August Experience.

2019, Writer. Indiana Humanities Grant. Hanover will host Dr. Lasana Kazembe, an expert

on Indiana Black Arts Movement Poets and musicians, for National Poetry Month.

2019, Guest Lecturer. “A Select History of Apocalyptic Literature.” Geek-a-ton

2018 & 2019, Faculty Representative. Crowe Scholarship Interviews

2018 & 2019, Faculty Representative. Hanover At A Glance

2018-2019, Advisor. Kennings.(For which I was nominated and a finalist for a Student

Leadership award)

2018, Faculty Presenter, English Department Colloquium.

2018, Judge. Geeky Halloween Scary Story Contest.



2018-2019, Reader, Gigantic Sequins

2014-2016, Fiction Editor, Rougarou, University of Louisiana-Lafayette

2012-2013, Managing Editor, Temenos, Central Michigan University

2011-2012, Poetry Editor, Temonos, Central Michigan University

2010-2011, Editor-in-Chief, Sheepshead Review, University of Wisconsin–Green Bay,

2009-2010, Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief, Sheepshead Review, University of Wisconsin—

Green Bay

2008-2009, Poetry Editor, Sheepshead Review, University of Wisconsin—Green Bay